a dream realised...MARGATE TILE WORKS

 Just prior to lockdown, I had been discussing with my friend, artist and Margate Tile Makers contributor, Fiona Stewart, all about my longing to develop and sell a small 'basic' range of handmade tiles that are made here in Margate. Whilst the tile store on this website sells many tiles with bold and complex patterns and artistic designs, our best sellers still tend to be single colour tiles in shades of white, black and other monochromatic colours that reflects interior trends of the moment. 

As discussed in my first blog post published on this website over a year ago, I have been working on finding ethical solutions to better provide my tile store with the tools to overcome challenges due to our increasingly unstable economy (which has since been further rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic) and to counter the environmental impact of relying on global trade and imports to fuel growth. 

As restrictions lifted during lockdown, Fiona and I had many a socially-distanced meeting to further consider how this range could be produced and, due to Fiona being an amazingly talented, multidisciplinary (including tile-making) artist extraordinaire and who is equally wildly enthusiastic about tiles and developing this idea, we decided to become business partners and have started our new tile making company, Margate Tile Works. 

 Over the last few weeks we have been busy, setting up our company and moving into our temporary studio - complete with our first kiln - to work on research and development for our new tile ranges. So exciting !

Our aim is to produce beautifully finished, contemporary and alternative handmade tile ranges that are priced well enough to compete with the glazed Moroccan, Spanish, Portuguese etc tiles that are so popular with UK and European residential homeowners, architects and interior designers. 

Up to now we have been researching various methods of cutting tiles, making moulds, different clays, applying various glazes and slips over multiple firings to produce beautiful shades, tones and finishes on tiles. These photos are a sneak peek of our practice and what is to come and the first range will be launched over the coming weeks.

Watch this space !