Ceramicist Ema Dennis debuts her beautiful alternative shapes, patterns and finishes for the Margate Tile Makers

Ema Dennis' interesting ceramic pieces first caught the eye of Handmade Tiles owner, Sarah Hopkinson, when the Margate Tile Makers project was right at the beginning of concept stage. Ema has since produced a range of contemporary and decorative tiles for Margate Tile Makers that were showcased at 100% Design last week. The bugs in particular were really popular with designers and all of these tiles will be available to purchase through the Handmade Tiles website in the coming week.
Read on for more information on Ema's work and inspirations.
Work History
I first discovered my passion for ceramics whilst studying an art and design course at UCA Rochester, and over the past 15 years I have experimented with different themes and techniques to produce a wide range of ceramic pieces.
I am inspired by nature and my surroundings and like to instil a sense of fun in my work through the use of colour, shape and pattern.
Being an Thanet-based artist
Working from my home studio in Thanet, I am fortunate to be surrounded by a growing community of artists and makers. I recently exhibited my work on the beach during the Littoral Light exhibition as part of the Ramsgate Festival, alongside many established local artists.
The Margate Tile Makers
The demand for British made products is on the rise and I think that this project has the potential to bring back lost artisanal skills to a local community experiencing a resurgence in culture and art. Working within this creative community has inspired me to expand my range and showcase my tiles and allow the spotlight to shine on this talented part of Kent.
You can see more of Ema's work by visiting her Instagram @emd_ceramics