Margate artist Rachel Ella Taylor debuts her unusual, highly handcrafted and artistic hand printed botanical tiles in aluminium and brass

Margate artist Rachel Ella Taylor debuts her unusual, highly handcrafted and artistic hand printed botanical tiles in aluminium and brass. Each piece slightly overlays another and is connected so all pieces hang as one. The beauty of this surface covering is that the client and installer can manipulate each piece to fit any space whatever the dimensions. Is like installing your very own piece of sculpture ! Rachel's tiles were exhibited on the Handmade Tiles // Margate stand at 100% Design 2019. These tiles will be available to purchase via our Tile Store in the coming week.
Read on for more information on the artists' experience, inspirations and being involved in the Margate Tile Maker's project.

Working at the intersection of Public Art, Craft, and Socially Engaged Practice, Rachel Ella & Associates design, craft and install bespoke hand-crafted installations which are often interactive. Historically works have been commissioned for Hotels, Arts festivals, restaurants, regeneration planners, corporate clients, museums, and private collectors. Rachel's works have been exhibited at The Festival of Innovation London, Turner Contemporary, ICA, along with a collection of permanent public works sited nationally.

The other strand of Rachel’s practice is as an engagement specialist with an extensive portfolio of educational socially engaged arts programmes. In recent years her practice has evolved to combine these practices where commissioned works challenge ideas of quality when co-creating with groups. Her practice is dedicated to facilitating high quality participation and ensuring high quality artistic outcomes that the participants can take shared ownership of, whilst creating something the exceeds our clients' expectations.

Rachel is also currently undertaking her PhD at Canterbury Christ Church University with her research focus on the impact of visual arts experience, specifically studying the individual felt experience of encounters with differing modes of engagement.




I have always been inspired by the magical moments found whilst exploring nature, natural phenomena and the mind-blowing detail in botanical specimens.  My designs are inspired by Victorian illustrations and my approach to design shares the same sentiment as William Morris' with his principle of wanting his creations to be accessible to all. My works strike up an interesting balance between traditional and contemporary, natural and manmade, delicacy and transience and permanence. Ultimately, I aim to create ethereal installations that people can immerse themselves in momentarily to enjoy a manifestation of all the beautiful moments I collect when meandering through life.


Being a Margate artist

Creatives in Thanet have benefited greatly by the growing and ever-expanding creative community. My creative family enrich my practice and my life beyond words. I personally feel very strongly that in turn we owe it to our broader community to pay that forward by contributing to local jobs and enriching opportunities. Growing up on the East Kent coast and living here now always fills me with inspiration. I often awake feeling so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. With the right mindset and work life balance every day can feel like a holiday!



The Margate Tile Makers

The concept of Local Wealth Building is very close to my heart. I always strive to work with local suppliers, fabricators and employ interns and assistants (always paid) to help feed into the local economy. I'm excited about expanding my team through the Margate Tile Makers project and look forward to adorning lots of interesting spaces with our works.

You can see more of Rachel's beautiful work by visiting her Instagram @ephemeral_rachella