Margate Tile Makers featured on Design Insider Live

Off the back of Margate Tile Maker's debuting at 100% Design in September, we are excited to be featured in an article on Design Insider Live, which discusses our project in relation to the importance of collaboration in design. Link to the article here https://www.designinsiderlive.com/the-importance-of-collaboration/

Snippet from the article

'Margate Tile Makers debuted at 100% Design with a selection of brand new surfaces from a crop of designers who stem from a range of disciplinary backgrounds. The aim is clear – to reintroduce and encourage handmade tile making as a mainstream artisanal skill in the local community.

This model allows for the sharing of skills through generations, thus drawing people together, whilst also creating beautiful and unique products for interior design specification.

Ceramicist Claire De Lune, who has created a tactile range made from Black stoneware with good light absorption qualities, underlines the significance of the venture, “This project excites me because it reminds designers and architects that they can have handmade, artisan products created locally, and directly supports UK industry.” 

Other designers involved in the growing collective are Spacer who use ancient bronze forging techniques to create solid metal geometric tiles and Rachel Ella Taylor who makes less conventionally shaped leaf tiles in brass and aluminium.

There is such potential in collaboration; sharing ideas can lead to unexpected and even unimaginable approaches that have positive effects. Right now working together never felt so important.'