no.503 saffron glazed zellige tile - 2m2 IN STOCK
no.503 saffron glazed zellige tile - 2m2 IN STOCK

no.503 saffron glazed zellige tile - 2m2 IN STOCK

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These glazed tiles are handmade in Fez, Morocco by artisan tile makers using the traditional centuries-old techniques. The clay consistency of the earth in and around Fez has ensured its place as a powerhouse of terracotta, or ‘zellige’, tile production. Initially the tiles are formed out of the clay and are cut into squares then glazed on one side. The tiles are then placed in a rack and baked in a fire pit oven. Depending on where the tiles are placed in the rack, each tile will present with different hues and tones in response to varying heat intensities throughout the oven. The tiles are then cut by hand with pliers to produce a sharp edge allowing for a very thin (<1mm) join when the tiles are installed. Each tile is unique in finish and colour with small irregularities that when installed over a larger area, results in the beautiful Arabesque aesthetic.

Each tile measures 10x10cm and is 1cm thick.  Minimum order is two square metres. Lead time for delivery is 1-2 weeks.

You can purchase a sample tile by selecting 'sample tile' in the drop down list above. Sample tiles are £5 each including postage and packaging.

These tiles are perfect for internal and external walls (including bathrooms and wet rooms).

We recommend purchasing 10% more than the required surface area to allow for wastage / breakages during install.

Once a purchase has been made, we will email a comprehensive installation and maintenance guide specific to glazed tiles to ensure your tiles are laid and maintained to our highest standards.